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Tested and proven in practice

Born from practice, Renn GmbH produces automotive test systems, high quality diagnosis sets and connections, cable sets and system components that have stood and passed the test of practice. Developed to solve customers' problems in the fields of testing and connection technology, Renn systems and componets are designed with meticulous attention to detail and from top-quality materials to warrant longevity, easy handling, and ergonomic design. The fact that the company guarantees between 50000 and 100000 cycles for its connectors confirms the exellent reputation the company has gained in a wide range of industries.

"Customers who purchase a Renn product are quikly convinced by their design, and high functional value,"points out Managing Director and Shareholder Mr.H.Renn with justified pride."The next time they need test systems, cable sets, or other customer designed products, they tend to turn to us.Word of mouth is our best marketing instrument."
When H.Renn started developing test systems in his spare time, he hardly anticipated that he was paving the way for establishment of a company that employs some 35 people today and generates annual revenues in the region of DEM nine million(4.5 Mio. €). Friends working in the automotive industry told the young inventor about the problems they had in maintaining and improving manufacturing standards though reliable test systems. The solutions he developed were an immediate success and gave rise to further developments. "Before I even started out in buisness, my order books were filled," remembers the successful entrepreneur.
In 1988, Mr.Renn set up his own buisness with ten employees and was soon able to move larger premises in Sinsheim.
Since 1989, Mr.Renn has invested nearly DEM 20 millions(10 Mio. €) in developing a modern 9000m² plant on total size of 40000m², creating optimum conditions for the efficient and speedy manufacture of test systems that are designed to customer's specific requirements. Complete test systems and equimpment are not only designed and produced for the automotive industry and its suppliers, but for other industriel branches as well including the machine building and electotechnology sectors. Additionally, Renn offers heavy-duty diagnostic and test connectors, complete adaption sets, test adapters and test contacts, high-quality
diagnostics and test wiring, as well as test and diagnostic tools for all kinds of other requirements. As Mr.Renn emphasises, the specialists from Sinsheim are prepared to supply systems complete with electronic control systems or peripherals only.
Cable and contact manufactoring,cable harness, cable sets, plastic engineering and the production of system parts and componets complements the wide scope of services offered by Renn GmbH.
Expert consulting and support in all technical, economic and quality assurance questions, prototyping and selective testing are part of the offer. All in all, the Sinsheim-based enterprise has every reason to consider itelf 'a good connection' - a fact which is confirmed by the response from new and existing customers at major trade fairs such as the IAA, the Electronica, and the Industrial Fair in Paris.


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